Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photos Photos

Yes, another..week before I turn a year older. HAHA. F1's over, and another exciting event's coming up!

Now that it's set in stone, I'll put up the photos only after it goes up. hurhur. I'm thankful things have gone well, and so has work. Hopefully, life goes back to balance again! =)

Photos from my various work locations and things I see! =)

Random Bench, Gold Coast

Surfers' Paradise, Gold Coast

Ferris Wheel, Surfers Paradise 

Random Graffiti, Causeway Point, Singapore

That said, if you've been following my blog a little, you'd know I've mentioned the name Gentle Paws many atimes! Again, Gentle Paws is doing its annual sale of calendars (Each furkid in there, are or were residents of Gentle Paws) ! 2013, this time of course!
If you're intending to get me a gift for my birthday, don't. I would love for everyone to replace that with a purchase of a calendar from Gentle Paws & Friends!
Do do do do do support them by purchasing one of this calendars as all purchases go to financing the food and supplies for the dogs!

How could anyone not love a face like that? 

It's only going for $10SGD, and if you do make a purchase of 5 and more, delivery can be arranged! Do email them at if you're interested in making a purchase!
If you always wanted to help, but didn't and don't know how and where to start, now's a good time! Show Gentle Paws and their furkids some love! =)



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