Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photos Photos

Yes, another..week before I turn a year older. HAHA. F1's over, and another exciting event's coming up!

Now that it's set in stone, I'll put up the photos only after it goes up. hurhur. I'm thankful things have gone well, and so has work. Hopefully, life goes back to balance again! =)

Photos from my various work locations and things I see! =)

Random Bench, Gold Coast

Surfers' Paradise, Gold Coast

Ferris Wheel, Surfers Paradise 

Random Graffiti, Causeway Point, Singapore

That said, if you've been following my blog a little, you'd know I've mentioned the name Gentle Paws many atimes! Again, Gentle Paws is doing its annual sale of calendars (Each furkid in there, are or were residents of Gentle Paws) ! 2013, this time of course!
If you're intending to get me a gift for my birthday, don't. I would love for everyone to replace that with a purchase of a calendar from Gentle Paws & Friends!
Do do do do do support them by purchasing one of this calendars as all purchases go to financing the food and supplies for the dogs!

How could anyone not love a face like that? 

It's only going for $10SGD, and if you do make a purchase of 5 and more, delivery can be arranged! Do email them at if you're interested in making a purchase!
If you always wanted to help, but didn't and don't know how and where to start, now's a good time! Show Gentle Paws and their furkids some love! =)


Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Been A While

It's been too long, so many things have happened, and I honestly have no idea where to start. I'm safely assuming most of you know I don't like talking about sad stuff, well, at least not here. But stressed out I am! So not today, I'm not going to start. =)

Oh yes! I got a new camera beginning of Sept (finally!) as an early birthday present to myself. I can't quite remember if I actually mentioned it already, I got a Sony-Nex 5ND!  Latest Love. lol. I'm going to leave this entry short, mad tired and all from F1 weekend! (Hopefully i'm able to find some images of me, will post if I do). Will write on my experience at F1 soon enough =)

Here are some images from my latest love taken in Tianjin and Sydney =) And no, no processing of my photos. I've recently taken a liking for B&W photography, so here they are =)

Entrance of Nan Shi Food Street, Tianjin

Car repairs in Tianjin

Makan @ Kings Cross Hotel, Sydney

Beautiful sunshine in Sydney!

Alritey! that's that for this entry, I know it's short, and I haven't been keeping this blog up to date, but hey, let me know if you have anything to say about the pictures! Comments are always welcomed! =)

Till the next one, have an awesome Friday! (and weekend, of course) I'm gonna listen to some music and enjoy the rest of my standby day! =) 


Ps: feel free to click on the ads! =) 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hello World! This is bad, a week without any entries =(

Truth be told, haven't really been up to much, save for a couple of BKK trips, so no pictures. But had absolute great fun on both flights! Being offered a new job and really odd happenings on flight. But hey, that doesn't change how good the flight was! Horribly packed week for me..I hope I don't fall sick!

Headed to the Sunshine Coast tonight! Off for two days, hopefully the net is fine and all over there! I'll blog if it is! =) Really terribly sorry about the lack of pictures, I'll take more while i'm over in Gold Coast! Excited about my soon-to-be camera! Blog more about it when I get it! =D

Till then, take care and enjoy the rest of the week!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sydney Sydney!

Back from Sydney! Had a tremendously fun flight and trip, not forgetting, AWESOME crew! Okay, I'll keep this entry short, more pictures!

Awesomely fun crew!

On the way to Fish Market!

I just like this shot alot!

One of the most fun I've had on flights thus far!! Hope to fly with these bunch again! All smiles and laughter! =)

Shall end my entry off here..with my own picture (finally!)

One of my favourite shots thus far in Sydney!
Be good, and take care! (Weather's been crazy in Singapore lately!)


Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Evidently Batman: Arkham Asylum has kept me well away from my laptop! Haven't really been much lately, just catching up with friends, visiting the Harry Potter exhibition in Singapore and much needed rest (as usual!) Oh yes, another exciting email arrived in my inbox yesterday, but nothing's set in stone yet, so fingers crossed. Will announce it if it's all set in stone! (REALLY hoping to get it! Wish me luck for the shoot!)

Did I mention my phone screen cracked a while back? Yes, I dropped it while walking and now there's an awesome crack. The phone still works, but, the touch screen doesn't! Sent it the infamous 'cheaper IT' place in Singapore to get it fixed, one store said it could get it fixed, but after a week, still no news. After my calls and smses, I had to head all the way down just to find out what happened.

No apologies from them, just told me some lousy excuse. To think they could even tell me they received my sms. (RIGHT. So you couldn't reply me?!). That aside, anyone knows of where I could possibly get my Dell Streak repaired? Most of the repairs I've googled up are based overseas! =(

On a happier tone, Happy 21st Birthday! I'm not quite sure if the person it's intended for reads this blog, much less this entry, but hey, worth a try right? =) I hope you ain't working on your special day like you said you would be. If you are, well, I hope you still have an awesome day at work (i know you love your work to bits, minus the horrible weather that stalk you).

Best I could do!
PS: the reason why I can't and didn't sms you at your number, well, simply cause I can't access my Dell Streak for contacts! SMS me if you do see this!

It's back to work for me tomorrow, off to Sydney! Maybe I'll blog from there tomorrow! I hope for decent weather on the way to Sydney =)

Spread the love this weekend! [Picture credit: GPF]
Till then, stay relaxed, enjoy the long weekend and please do pop by Gentle Paws' flea market, the
18th & 19th of August at the Bonsai Garden, located at 16 Farmway 2 from 12pm to 4pm! If you like to have a look at the things that will be at the flea market, just pop by here !
They're raising funds for medical fees for their young puppies who just recovered from a serious bout of Parvovirus!
 Let's spread some Love this long weekend! =)


Monday, August 6, 2012

Recent Up-Tos

First things first, many thanks to all those who emailed and pm-ed me on facebook & twitter. I appreciate everyone's concern, and I'm feeling much better now =) Life is indeed short, if you've ever read the interview I did during my FHM/SOL days, you'll understand why I live by that philosophy. For those of you who haven't seen it, here's the pic of it (I think you can decently see the text on it (i hope!) if you click on it). Just to be sure, I've added the quote into the caption!

"Live each day as if it's your last day,
never forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them,
and never end a day being angry with them because life is short."

So, here I am, in Singapore, on a day off. That said, I just did a flight to and fro (turnaround) BKK on Saturday. As usual, mad hungry and tired after the flight, so a day off or two does wonders for me! =) Oh yes, and a Sydney flight just prior to the BKK flight. I didn't take many photos, but hopefully I do on my next trip to Sydney. Here's one of me! (haha..such narcissism) 

In my room in Sydney!
Look at my eyebags..omg.

Which reminds me that I should really start on my running regime again. I think I've stopped running for a while now! Finally got myself a new PS3 game (one which I've been waiting to get since it was released, which I hardly ever got the time to get down to, plus it was just too pricey for me to get).

Yes yes, Batman: Arkham Asylum!
Anyone who knows me, knows i'm a huge fan of Batman (among other superheroes), and apart from getting Batman graphic novels, Forensic Files of Batman and The Batman Files (i'm still saving for the two Files, I hope Kinokuniya still has copies of them!), Arkham Asylum was one of the games I just had to get when it was released last year. I chanced upon this copy at Causeway Point while looking for Alice: Madness Returns (btw, does anyone know where I can still get a copy of it?), so I knew I just had to get it!

Too elusive, anyone knows where I can locate a copy of this for PS3?
The Batman Files (Dear Kinokuniya, please still have a copy of this!)

Forensics + Batman, two of my loves, how could I resist this?
Where can I find this in Singapore?!

If I am ever missing from the virtual world in the next couple of days, you know why. I'm probably spending lots of time on Batman: Arkham Asylum or working out. But I'll try to pop in some short and random entries when I can! =)

Got some plans this weekend! Can't wait! =) 


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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unfortunately, I don't have a title in mind for this post.
I'm not quite sure what to write either, but I'll still try.
10 years, that's a sufficient period of time.
You were always there.
And just like someone snuffing out a candle flame,
Your flame went out.

I know you'd never want to see us upset-
We've talked about this at one point or another.
I can't promise you that,
But I will try.

Hearing the news,
I had secretly wished it wasn't you.
But it was.

Remember our conversations?
We talked about dreams and aspirations,
That we'd meet again when we had achieved them.

I'm sorry I don't know how to deal with this.
I thought I could.

I woke up,
Wishing it wasn't true,
Neither was it you.
But I knew there was nothing I could change.

I miss you, my friend.
And you'll always be remembered..dearly.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Off days are a Rarity

Here's what I've been up to,

1) Catching up with friends online
2) Sorting out my photos
2.1) Masterchef Dining photos!
3) Finally got my manicure done
4) Repaying my sleep debt

Okay, it doesn't sound like much, but trust me, off days are a rarity. When it comes by, you just seem to spend it running errands and whatnots. Of course, sleep debts are a must to repay on off days. Oh yes, I was definitely up to something the recent Saturday, but I guess I won't say for now what it is till everything's confirmed. No point letting the cat out of the bag when you ain't even sure if there's a cat in there right?

MasterChef Dining! 

So, two more trips for the week, and I rest for a couple more days before August begins for me! I am, however, still looking around for a camera to replace my current one. Am considering the Olympus Pen, any other suggestions?

Evidently, I just had to place a picture of myself..haha.

I've noticed people around me feeling a tad down. I wish I could do or say something to cheer all of you up, but sometimes, I just don't quite have the words to say. But I do have a shoulder for you to lean on and a listening ear to offer. I might not reply you right away (sometimes because I'm at work), but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Do know I care no matter how silent or how distant I may seem and that I will be there in a heartbeat if I can.

"If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll  be your shoulder. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me."

Till the next one, stay happy and smile! 


Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Been A Long Time Coming

I was just thinking about how I always said I'd write more, but always ended up not writing at all. So, here I am. I haven't updated in a long while (The last one was the FHM/SOL, i believe), and many things have changed. So now, to sum the long story really really short, yes, I'm going to try to blog whenever I get time in Singapore, primarily because I've settled into a new job.

Credits: Tony [Focal Shot]

I'll try to upload more photos, and stuff I do/see/eat on my travels! Will this become a travelogue? Maybe. But it'll still contain alot of me - thoughts and writings. Anyway, I'm just gonna load some photos over here for those interested to guess where I've been  to in the last one month! =)

Hard Rock Cafe Gold Coast! 
Okay, I actually have plenty more photos of the Sunshine Coast, but it's all on my phone, will put in more pictures of the sunshine coast next time. Here's the thing, my trusty canon decided to take a break and refused to work (even up till now). So, I'm now resigned to having to use a borrowed camera to take pictures of my travels. Started to save up for a new camera (anyone wants to sponsor? haha, just kidding).

Sydney Opera House

My first travel to Down Under! Of course I had to visit the Sydney Opera House. Too bad I didn't have much time in Sydney. But hey, I'll definitely be back again soon =)

St Mary's Cathedral 
Train station, I believe. Just thought this picture looked good, like..directions in life?

Darling Harbour

Quaint houses on the way to the fish market!
Love them!

Yes, Sydney Fish Market!
Yes, me! 

So that's it for this post, till the next one, enjoy the week, take care and don't get caught in the rain! =)



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