Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Been A Long Time Coming

I was just thinking about how I always said I'd write more, but always ended up not writing at all. So, here I am. I haven't updated in a long while (The last one was the FHM/SOL, i believe), and many things have changed. So now, to sum the long story really really short, yes, I'm going to try to blog whenever I get time in Singapore, primarily because I've settled into a new job.

Credits: Tony [Focal Shot]

I'll try to upload more photos, and stuff I do/see/eat on my travels! Will this become a travelogue? Maybe. But it'll still contain alot of me - thoughts and writings. Anyway, I'm just gonna load some photos over here for those interested to guess where I've been  to in the last one month! =)

Hard Rock Cafe Gold Coast! 
Okay, I actually have plenty more photos of the Sunshine Coast, but it's all on my phone, will put in more pictures of the sunshine coast next time. Here's the thing, my trusty canon decided to take a break and refused to work (even up till now). So, I'm now resigned to having to use a borrowed camera to take pictures of my travels. Started to save up for a new camera (anyone wants to sponsor? haha, just kidding).

Sydney Opera House

My first travel to Down Under! Of course I had to visit the Sydney Opera House. Too bad I didn't have much time in Sydney. But hey, I'll definitely be back again soon =)

St Mary's Cathedral 
Train station, I believe. Just thought this picture looked good, like..directions in life?

Darling Harbour

Quaint houses on the way to the fish market!
Love them!

Yes, Sydney Fish Market!
Yes, me! 

So that's it for this post, till the next one, enjoy the week, take care and don't get caught in the rain! =)


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