Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Evidently Batman: Arkham Asylum has kept me well away from my laptop! Haven't really been much lately, just catching up with friends, visiting the Harry Potter exhibition in Singapore and much needed rest (as usual!) Oh yes, another exciting email arrived in my inbox yesterday, but nothing's set in stone yet, so fingers crossed. Will announce it if it's all set in stone! (REALLY hoping to get it! Wish me luck for the shoot!)

Did I mention my phone screen cracked a while back? Yes, I dropped it while walking and now there's an awesome crack. The phone still works, but, the touch screen doesn't! Sent it the infamous 'cheaper IT' place in Singapore to get it fixed, one store said it could get it fixed, but after a week, still no news. After my calls and smses, I had to head all the way down just to find out what happened.

No apologies from them, just told me some lousy excuse. To think they could even tell me they received my sms. (RIGHT. So you couldn't reply me?!). That aside, anyone knows of where I could possibly get my Dell Streak repaired? Most of the repairs I've googled up are based overseas! =(

On a happier tone, Happy 21st Birthday! I'm not quite sure if the person it's intended for reads this blog, much less this entry, but hey, worth a try right? =) I hope you ain't working on your special day like you said you would be. If you are, well, I hope you still have an awesome day at work (i know you love your work to bits, minus the horrible weather that stalk you).

Best I could do!
PS: the reason why I can't and didn't sms you at your number, well, simply cause I can't access my Dell Streak for contacts! SMS me if you do see this!

It's back to work for me tomorrow, off to Sydney! Maybe I'll blog from there tomorrow! I hope for decent weather on the way to Sydney =)

Spread the love this weekend! [Picture credit: GPF]
Till then, stay relaxed, enjoy the long weekend and please do pop by Gentle Paws' flea market, the
18th & 19th of August at the Bonsai Garden, located at 16 Farmway 2 from 12pm to 4pm! If you like to have a look at the things that will be at the flea market, just pop by here !
They're raising funds for medical fees for their young puppies who just recovered from a serious bout of Parvovirus!
 Let's spread some Love this long weekend! =)


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