Thursday, October 2, 2008

10 Type of Guys to Avoid

(Disclaimer: These are just my opinions)

  1. Guys who says stuff like, "I like you, but I'm not ready for a relationship". Guys like this are just into flirting. That's all there is.

  2. Guys who calls or sms you whenever they like. What do they think of you? A toy? Come and go as he wishes?

  3. Guys who asks you out on a date without really meaning it. Ya, there's actually plenty of guys like this.

  4. Guys who already have a GF but still sms and find you all the time. What do they want? They have a GF but they still find you? Why bother being in a relationship if all they want is to flirt around?

  5. Guys who think that they're always right. This kind of guys are self centered and they wouldn't give a damn about how you feel.

  6. Guys who are blur all the time. They don't even know what is happening even if you hint them. And if you tell them directly in the face, they'll just react by saying "getting sensitive over a small thing."

  7. Guys who do not know what they want. If they do not know what they want, what makes you think that they'll know how to love you?

  8. Guys who just keep finding you even after you told them that you're busy at the moment. These kind of guys are a no no. They mean no harm, but seriously, how long can you put up with them? It's like having a mom as your bf.

  9. Guys who go round bitching bout other guys to you so that you'll keep your distance. These kind of guys are just jealous of the other. They have nothing better to do than act like a wimp.

  10. Guys who don't treat you right. Yes, if you're unhappy with him, regardless it's on the phone or when you're hanging out with him, get rid of him. He's a no no for your life.


Matthew Mak said...

I think point 2 to point 10 is very right. But i think for me point 1 is a bit wrong.

well sometimes u have to understand the guy u see .. not everyone is kinda ready for a relationship. But that doesn't mean they can't have feelings for the opposite sex.

raXsiel said...

I agree on that! I think point 1 really depends on the type of guy that's saying it.

Some guys really do fall for someone, but aren't ready (though I know the girl will be hurt by that statement), but there are also those that simply just use that as an excuse after they have grown tired of the girl.



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