Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Responsibility Project

I'm sure some of you might have seen these short films/videos on youtube or some other online portal. And today, I decided to watch some of them online again and am going to run a series of them on my blog, so you guys (if there's anyone reading this blog..) can view them too!

Really sorry about the quality of the second video..I found a better one,but it didn't allow me to embed

These short films/videos are part of the Responsibility Project. For those who prefer watching animated ones, don't fret, they do have short animated films too! One thing i really love about them is that they leave the endings open, which really gets you thinking about what YOU would have done.

Here's a little short background on the Responsibility Project..

How It Began

In 2006, Liberty Mutual created a TV commercial about people doing things for strangers. The response was overwhelming. We received thousands of positive emails and letters from people all over the country commenting on the ads.

We thought, if one TV spot can get people thinking and talking about responsibility, imagine what could happen if we went a step further? So we created a series of short films, and this website, as an exploration of what it means to do the right thing.

Look out for more videos!

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