Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away.. =(

As usual, I'm utterly guilty of not updating my blog..but thanks for all the emails though..
I'll try to update more =(

Again, I'm in the midst of the exams ..yea,I know how it always seems like I'm always studying and having exams somehow..well, I guess that's uni life..*Sigh* Can't wait till the term break! (however short it is)

It somehow appears that every single time I've decided to go running, it not just rains, it POURS..someone make the rain stop already!

But..in any case, bear with me for a little while more..I'll update an entry proper (yes, about the Sony PS Move event I did as well) when I'm finally done and over with my final paper on the 22nd! Meantime, some photos from the photoshoot I did for Teenage Magazine (Singapore) Nov edition..Prom night! =)




My favourite one! Love the details on the cocktail dress


Alritey..gotta hit the books..(again).. =(


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