Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time for some Games!

Alritey, this post is a day late, but well, better late than never right? =)

I'm pretty sure those in the gaming scene would have known abot this rather much talked about game..

YES! Left 4 Dead aka L4D!

I first played it when Steam launched the free demo, and I absolutely loved the game...and that, was really the point-of-no-return...

So instead of hopping down to my regular LAN place to play every weekend, I finally got a copy of the game!!!! WOOHOOOOOO! Now I can play it as and when I want! (Yes, feel free to call me a nerd/geek/lack-of-social-life homosapien)'s retailing at most electronic stores, available for PC and XBox 360! I'm not sure about the XBox version, but the PC one comes with a mousepad and a free poster (sorry,forgot to take a picture of the poster, but it's got a similar design to the mousepad ! oh yes,i think there are different designs too - the other is the L4D main design =) )

okay, off i go for some L4D!

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