Saturday, February 28, 2009

I got bunny..

Hiya! Yes, I won't believe what I just put myself through,I slept at 0630 hours,woke at 0729 hours, and couldn't fall back to sleep after that. So the 'smarty pants' here thought what a good idea it would be to study. Good idea?

No. Definitely not.

(okay, i do have to admit that I DID finish reading what I was supposed to though)

But in the midst of it, I got so bored, I took a picture of my trusty accompliances ...

Yes! My Highlighters!
anyone who's seen my notes ever, will notice that there's tons of colours on it, so I really can't live without my highlighters...

Took a 2 hr nap, and then got ready for school..
And I've realised something,
I'm beginning to draw better! (at least it's something I like to convince myself...LOL!)

Here's some drawings from my good 'ol notebook
(they're mostly drawn during lessons)
(I'm obviously really too bored right now after school and my usual late night dinner)
(and yes, i have an utterly crappy camera on my phone now,i think it's time for me to change back to the cybershot phone)

Yes, yes, I kinda messed up the bottom bit..LOL!

Anywho..I hope my little drawings brought some's back to the books for me
(but hey, no harm in letting my brain drift off to plan supper too =) )

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