Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mugging & I

I really wanna apologise to those who come here and don't see any updates. Terribly sorry.
Well, here's what's I've been up to recently.


Yea, I know how sad that sounds, but I've been mugging my guts out (okay, not really my guts, but you get the point)
I don't really have an immediate test or anything,
But I do have a formative test in about a month's time,
and my finals in about two months' time.

School's been alritey the past one and a half month (or so)
But March is going to be crazy.Lectures squished back-to-back,
Labs (and not to mention the reports) and tutorials as well.

And there's only ONE revision as a class.

Now you see why I've started mugging for my formative test and final?
As of now, I kinda know my stuff, but they're still kinda fuzzy.
Not to mention the ungodly hours that I'm up till (eg. now.it's 4.25am)
And yes, I've been snacking at those ungodly hours too!
(i seriously hope I don't end up putting on excessive weight )

Yes, mugging has made me quite an unhappy girl.
(so if anyone would like to send any 'cheer-me-ups', pls do)

okay..back to the books..

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