Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bachiana Brasileira Orchestra

Woots! Can't wait!! Got a pair of tickets to a concert featuring one of Brazil's top orchestras, the Bachiana Brasileira Orchestra! This concert will be celebrating different periods and styles of Brazilian concert music in the last 100 years. Presented by the Embassy of Brazil in Singapore, the concert is being held to commemorate 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Brazilian Embassy in Singapore.

Concert tickets are not for sale and attendance is by invitation only! Will be held at Jubilee Hall - Raffles Hotel! Can't wait! Lemme see if I can take photos!

With Love,


reina said...

I went to watch a cello recital at Julliard School! the music was amazingly beautiful! :D

raXsiel said...

lucky u!
i wanna listen to recitals @ Julliard one day too!!!


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