Sunday, May 30, 2010


*sighs*..okay, I really should start updating this blog a little more often. Officially, mugging has started for me. Yes, I know, exam's are still a little way off and I have time..well, better start early I guess. My study table's beginning to disappear again, as usual, from the accumulation of books and notes. Honestly should start clearing it. (no, I'm not going to put a picture of how it looks cause it'll probably scare the wits out of anyone..hurhur)


Been contemplating if I should run a full marathon at the end of the year. Or half? Always wanted to do a full marathon, but somehow always ended up doing the 10k..hmm..*ponders*

My body clock is utterly messed up. I sleep early in the morning, and wake not even feeling tired a couple of hours later. Any suggestions on how to set it right again? Going for a couple of castings over the week. Hope I get them! =)
Oh well, time to hit the books again..update soon =)


With Love,

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