Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Bag of Cookies

A Bag of Cookies

A women was queueing and waiting to board her flight.
While waiting...she decided to wait in the VIP room instead.
So she purchased a book and a packet of cookies.
She then sat down in the VIP room to read her book.

Beside the arm rest where the pack of cookies were,sat a man.
Whenever the women took a piece of cookie,the man took one too.
The women was angry but decided to let it off since she's in a good mood.
Then she took a second piece of cookie...
The man took his second piece too.
She thought:"This is INFURIATING!!!"
But decided not to pursue the matter.

When the packet was left with the last piece of cookie...
the women thought:"Aha! Whats he gonna do now.."
Amazingly,the man took the last piece of cookie,broke it into half and gave
the other half to the women.
The women was frustrated...she dashed out of the VIP room
and boarded the plane.

When she opened her bag to get some things...
She realised that her packet of cookies was full and untouched!
She was shocked!
And at the same time ashamed of herself.
She had misunderstood that man
because that pack of cookies she just ate doesn't belong to her
but the man still willingly shared his cookies with a stranger without
saying a word.

She wanted to apologise but its impossible
as the man is not taking the same flight as her.
Thus,she never had the chance to do so.

The message behind this story is...
Words said,cannot be taken back.
Time past cannot be turned back.
Water poured out cannot be retrieved.

In life...many unpleasant situations are caused by misunderstandings

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