Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay, I know I said I'd blog soon,here's something for some thought. Maybe it's just me (or maybe not), but I've never thought the comparison between JCs and Polytechnics was about academic prowess, but more of whether one knew what they wanted.

During my time as a Course Counsellor at my polytechnic's Open House, I'd always gave this advice to students who were unsure on which to pick : If you know surely the career path you want in future,go ahead and pick a course in a polytechnic. But if you're still unsure, but know roughly you're interested in the Arts or Science career paths, then go to a JC.

Unfortunately for my thinking though, having recently been judged as to have entered a polytechnic due to my inability to enter a JC. I never knew that sort of thinking still existed. The last I checked, the entry score to the exact course I did, is a score of 10 points. Assuming the student scores a C6 and below for the last subect taken into consideration for entry into a JC, the student will still be eligible.

Sometimes, I really wonder, must the debate between a JC and polytechnic choice be about academic prowess? (at least judging from the recent trend in recent years)

Anyway, that aside, I better start hitting my books!

PS: Get Well soon Tan Wen! =)


Nik said...

hi vanessa, nik here. as promised i do visit ur blog. =) it's true about the jc and poly debate. i am from poly anyway so i kinda understand why people usually have such thinking. but i think nowadays such issues are not that hot anymore. anyway just dropping by to say hi and take good care of urself.

raXsiel said...

Hey there nik! I didn't know you still do visit my blog! =) I didn't know you were from poly! I always thought you were from a as I thought the topic isn't hot anymore, I got embroiled in one such issue. LOL!

how are you doing btw? Haven't seen you online in a long while.

Nik said...

hehe. i still spy on you. ain't you scare. be paranoid now! muahahaha. hope you're doing well. oh i was from temasek poly. thanks for the compliment lucky you never thought that i was from ite. that's unlucky man still get entangled in such issues. anyway it's silly to argue or debate over such matters. and to compare which is more superior than the other. both have their strength and weakness in my opinion. oh i was preparing for my exams. this is my last semester already. and also preparing for jpmorgan assessment centre this coming monday. high chance of screwing up due to a lack of preparation. and how are you doing? must be mugging hard too! hope to hear from u soon. anyway i might not be able to reply that often due to exams. =)

raXsiel said...

lol..why should i be scared of someone so nice spying on me! =D yea, i hope i don't have to hear anymore of this topic again, it's getting really really stale. oh! good luck for your exams! I'm sure you'll do okay for the jpmorgan assessment =) keepy me posted on that!

yea, i'm starting to mug too! long long way more for me. =( do keep in touch though, feel free to email me =)


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