Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Excerpts from Seventeen

Ways to Tell He'll be a Good Boyfriend

He Makes You Laugh
Laughing at the same jokes means you understand each other on a very deep level - it's like the foundation on which strong relationships are built.

He Confides in You
A guy who tells you things he hides from his friends, like his stress over a bio test, trusts you. He's connecting on a personal level because he wants to strengthen the relationship.

He Asks you Questions
When he takes an active interest in your life, it says that he respects the things that are important to you. He values your opinion and wants you to be an equal in the relationship

He Disagrees with You
A guy who argues a little isn't afraid to be himself around you - he'll never be an annoying lapdog. If he lets you disagree with him, it shows he's a good communicator, which makes it easier to work through any future issues!

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