Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Siloso HotBods 2009!

Siloso HotBods 2009 Flyer!

Oh man, I actually am beginning to feel old! This year's search for the hottest babes and hunks along Siloso Beach is back! To think just a year back, I was counting down to the Siloso Hotbods 2008 Finals! ANYWAY..

This year, the Siloso Hotbods '08 Finalists are part of the Hotness Squad! I had tons of fun searching for hot babes & hunks along Siloso last Saturday! Oh yes, there's a blog where you'll see entries from the Hotness Squad! Including their hot favourite picks for the day!!

The prizes and sponsors this yr are just fantastic! So if any one would like to sign up for Siloso Hotbods '09, head down to Siloso HotBods 2009 where more details are available, (and of course, the Hot Blogs!) Did I mention this yr's finals is held in conjunction with 98.7fm's Life's a Beach Party?

Can't wait till my next weekend as part of the Hotness Squad!!!!

So, You think You're Hot? Join Siloso HotBods!

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