Saturday, May 16, 2009


Right, for those of you on my facebook, I'm recovering from my fever and all, thanks for all your concern, I really appreciate it! All I gotta do is tide through this weekend though, cause I'll be out in the sun at Siloso!

ANYWAY, I know how I've barely blogged about anything too personal in here, but I think perhaps it's time for things to start changing just a little. =)

You know how sometimes we say the wrong things, at the wrong time (and end up hurting someone?) I think it just happened with me. Although I'm not quite sure the exact extent of the hurt my words brought, the bottomline is all that matters. Honestly, I didn't mean for what I said to hurt the person, but..well, I guess that doesn't matter.

I'm not quite sure if that person even reads this little space, but I hope soon enough though. I'm not quite sure on what to say, but I suppose what I really want to say is that I'm awfully sorry about the things I've said, cause I never meant for them to hurt. Definitely wasn't my intention at all, and that when this entry is read by the person it's meant for, pls do contact me cause I would wanna talk it over.


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