Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remember The Clean & Clear Competition?

Remember months ago, I was asking for votes for a Clean & Clear Competition? Thanks to all of you who voted, we came up tops! [Yay!] HUGE thanks from my bestie and I! So, as part of the reward, here's what arrived today!! Bags of Clean & Clear products [for my bestie and I!] and a nice blue envelope!



Here's what was in the envelope!
[it says "Out of hundreds of entries, you and your bestie rose to the top!]

Huge thanks to all who voted for us!
[I'm not too sure about the photoshoot yet though..*fingers crossed*]


Products from Clean & Clear!

Some of you have asked me what products I use, and..I'm actually using Clean & Clear products! So to receive this hamper is definitely a blessing! Huge thanks to all of you! [will keep you guys posted about the photoshoot]



strawberryink89 said...

RAWR~ I'm coming over this Sunday. Expect me~ ;)

samliew said...

hey, Sophia's bro here. Glad to know that both of you have won the contest :)

reina said...

yay! congrats :D

raXsiel said...

@Sophia: okay!!! just buzz me!!

@Sam: Thank you so much! (especially for your help!!) =D we're still awaiting news WRT the photoshoot though..*fingers crossed*

@Reina: Thanks Reina!! How is ur trip going so far? =)


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