Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Siloso Hotbods '08

okay, update on Siloso hotbods 2008 competition i took part in in June..first time i ever actually even took part in anything like that..but oh well, it was fun, fun and more fun!..okay, here's how it all went..

i randomly signed up for the competition online with a waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy unflattering picture..thinking 'oh well, i probably won't get shortlisted anyway'..but i was sooo wrong about that..after thoroughly regretting my choice of photo, i emailed the people at sentosa asking if i could change my photo..(thankfully i could..*phew*)..

in any case..i managed to squeeze into the top 5 babes, and got to know the other finalists during the Billabong fitting..(yes, i'm still in contact with them)..

day of competition was HOTTTTTTTT..but it was uber fun stuff..doing the two walks and answering the Q&A..okay, long story short, i didn't win the title, but i did go home with a subsidiary title of Miss Seventeen (courtesy of Seventeen Magazine)..=)

oh yes, i'm starting school in Nov..so that's quite a bummer..but oh well..now i'm pretty much looking for short jobs instead of waiting around for castings..speaking of castings, i'm now a freelance model, and i just went for my very first shortlisted casting, and somehow, praying uber hard for a miracle to happen such that i'd get the job..LOL!..

okay, here's some pics from the time of the competition =) (i'll be putting the rest up in an album)


Heri Darwis said...

r u a model?

raXsiel said...

hi! i wouldn't call myself a model actually. Prior to the competition, I wasn't a model. After that, I went into freelance modelling, but i haven't really taken on any assignments yet.


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