Monday, August 18, 2008

Samsung P960 II

I apologise to those who read my blog for the recent hiatus and lack of entries. Been busy with exploring the P960. Okay, I have to be honest to add that this is the second time I'm using a Samsung phone, so I'm actually quite unfamiliar with the regular functions of a Samsung as compared to a Nokia/Sony Ericsson/Motorola.

However, thankfully, someone recently pointed out to me that the number recognition on my P960 is available on most Samsung phones.

Okay, here's what I found interesting on the P960 recently. It has a Auto Reply function available, where it allows the user to set a sms message, which will be sent out should you be unable to take your calls. Great for meetings!

Another function I love on the P960 is the scroll through menu available on most sub menus, you know sometimes how you're in the midst of replying to a message, and you get distracted midway, and forget what you're supposed to reply? That's when the scroll through menu comes in handy. Just save your current message to your Drafts, scroll back to your inbox using the keypad, VIOLA! You're back to the sender's message.

A few another functions that caught my eye was the
  • Scientific Calculator,
  • World Clock (which can be customised and set as your wallpaper - perfect for globetrotters, or those with loved ones overseas),
  • SOS Message (sends out a SOS message to recipients of your choice, and customizable number of times to repeat sending the SOS message)
  • Customizable Snooze time (allows user to customize snooze time inbetween alarms and also number of times the snooze should be repeated)
  • Offline profile (shuts down the network and 3G connection, but still allows user to utilize other functions on the phone - almost similar to the Airplane Profile on Sony Ericssons)
Okay, I know how I've been going on and on about how good the phone is, but, there are some downsides to it though. I'm not sure if this is common with other Samsung Phones, but the P960 heats up really fast while charging or if you're talking on the phone.

In addition, when the phone signals Low Battery, it disallows you to use the Radio, Tv, Web Browser functions. (I know if you're out, it's great to be able to conserve the remaining battery, but I'm the sort who allows the phone battery to totally discharge by running such applications - guess it's a perspective thing)

Mobile Tv on the P960 has been lukewarm. I guess the initial excitement has disappeared, but also due to the fact that there have been problems with the tv guide. For example, it might read 'Fashion World' on the tv guide, but whatever's showing on the channel isn't Fashion World! Other than such issues, it hasn't given me any other problems, visually, it's still great, audiowise, still great. I hope there won't be any more problems though.

Okay, this entry is rather long, sorry for being so wordy! I'm still quite new at this,so please do drop me comments/tags/emails on how to improve =) Alrite, I should be blogging soon again!

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