Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Samsung P960

peekaboo! here i am again..yes, and as i'm typing this, i'm also watching some shows on the Samsung P960 (yet to be released in Sg)..okay, i got it from m1 for trial use of the Mobile TV function on the phone. honestly, it's quite a stylish phone, i absolutely LOVE the fact that you can actually customise the themes available in the phone, right down to the icons! (yes, the individual icons available on ur menu)

it is a triband phone, allows 3G, has a 2.6" LCD screen, FM radio,mp3 player, a document viewer,bluetooth and a 3 MP camera with LED flash for those who enjoy taking photos on the go. Okay, but the highlight of the phone is really the fact that it's the FIRST mobile tv slider phone available.

On top of being able to watch tv channels on this stylish phone, you can scroll through what's on for the next three days on the tv guide available, read the synopsis about the show/episode you're currently watching, and if you're wondering what happens if someone calls while you're watching your favourite program, don't fret. The show won't keep running as you take the call.

The P960 has a DVR-like time shifting function that will pause live television programming when a call comes in so that users can avoid missing their favorite shows. The TV viewer application on the P960 also supports picture in picture viewing! (Perfect for those who want to watch two channels at a go)

Some have asked if the picture's clear, trust me, it's definitely clear! Audio has been enhanced thanks to Bang & Olufsen's ICEPower audio processing system for full sounding audio from songs and TV programs alike.

I'll be updating more on my P960 experience as I go about exploring the phone =)

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