Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slim, Sleek and Sexy

Okay, I went for casting for a TVC today..hopefully I get it, it was uber fun really, and all the other talents were nice =)

And for those wondering, yes, I didn't sneeze at all during the entire casting. (Yay!..I've been sneezing my head off the past few days) I'm terribly sorry about not having any pictures, i need to borrow the transfer cable first.=( Oh yes , I had an awfully difficult time trying to fall asleep yesterday..(i blame it on listening to fast-paced music), instead of falling asleep, my mind was more interested in telling my body to get up and dance..all these at ...4.35 am! -_-

I think I really should stop listening to fast paced music right before I sleep..

Alritey..heard about the launch of the new iPod nanos? I LOVE the colours! And really, the Nano has been given a new lease of life! It now comes in 8 refreshing colours (8GB version) and 9 colours (16GB).

The functions available are pretty much the same, however, it now has a spoken menu which allows listeners to hear many of the names of menus, song titles, and artists without viewing the screen. Love the song you're listening to currently? The Genius function which, when activated, finds songs in your music library that goes great together with the current song you're listening to and compiles it into a Genius playlist! Talk about having a personal Dj!

Want to look at more albums at one go? Tilt your nano on its side and your screen flows the way it's tilted! Now, you can view your photos/videos either in a portrait or landscape view! Oh yes, don't worry about the photo ratios, your photos will still look great on the 320 by 240 resolution display.

Ever felt it was a trouble to use the click wheel to change songs? Well, the new nano allows for users to give your iPod a shake, and it shuffles to a different song on your playlist! Great for those who love unpredictability =)

Games anyone? Now you can get in on games made especially for iPod nano and the accelerometer. They respond to the way you move, so they’re addictive and a blast. The new iPod nano comes with Maze, which lets you work your way through vast mazes by tilting and moving.

Oh yes, did I mention it's got the world's biggest small screen? Watching videos on your 2 inch widescreen display has never been more fun. Just in time for the holiday season, the new iPod Nano is on sale now, $248 (8GB) and $328 (16GB). Talk about slim, sleek and fun =)

Pictures courtesy of Apple Asia Ltd

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