Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wall-E (plus some bonus links)

Wall-e is an animated film about a bot designed to clean up a polluted Earth by Pixar Animated Studios. 700 years after the earth becomes too toxic, Wall-e (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) remains the only unit operational. Wall-e develops a sense of curiosity and collects items he finds interesting among the refuse, gathering parts for himself from deactivated Wall-Es.

He enjoys watching a videotape of the 1969 musical film, Hello, Dolly!. Wall-E learns emotions, especially the act of holding hands, which he deems as being in love. One day, while going about his job, Wall-E finds a seedling, which he replants in an old boot. Shortly after, Eve (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) arrives and begins on a directive to search for signs of plant life.

The plot thickens as Eve finds the seedling and Wall-E follows her into the depths of space.
(shan't spoil the good parts)

In my opinion, Wall-E is very much a romantic comedy, worth watching with your loved ones and family. Oh yes, do be seated early to catch an animated short film Presto, also by Pixar Animated Studios. Iin the meantime, here's some links which feature Wall-E encountering some daily items. (similarly, do drop by the official Wall-E website via my widget!) Enjoy!

Wall-E encounters a Vacuum Cleaner

Wall-E meets a Magnet

Wall-E meets a Hula Hoop

Wall-E meets Headphones

Wall-E and some Bouncy Balls

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