Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Singapore and Michelin

Singapore and Michelin? Yes. Michelin (no, not the tyre manufacturing side, the side that publishes the Red & Green Guides) has ranked our very own Raffles Hotel, Botanic Gardens, Night Safari and Singapore Zoological Gardens among that of the Paris Eiffel Tower and New York Empire State Building. The French lifestyle surveyors gave our tourist attractions a 3-star rating (which sets them on par with the Eiffel Tower and NY Empire State Building) and is also the first time that they are publishing a travel guide on Singapore.

Singapore, alongside other Asian countries such as China, Japan and Thailand were among the 25 countries picked by Michelin for publication.

To rank the sites, writers anonymously visited the attractions and assessed them according to criteria such as authenticity, aesthetics, service quality and convenience.

One out of every five visitors to Singapore consults a guidebook before they arrive.
Well, I'm sure this will certainly boost our tourism a fair bit!

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