Monday, August 17, 2009

And It's Been...

Right, so here I am, blogging away, complete with a congested nose and feeling absolutely lethargic.I blame it on the weather! haha!! Just processed a couple of photos from my time in Melaka..and then I realised my stupidity..I actually put up some photos even before I processed them -_-". And people have already commented on them! Me being me, don't want to lose the comments, so now i have one photo that is repeated on my album..oh well..lesson learnt - never upload photos when one is too sleepy!

Anywho, somehow I feel like this trip to Melaka has really changed me a fair bit. I've met awesome people, and learnt alot from them! Not just solely in terms of acting, but also characterwise. Let's just say I've been inspired by many of them there, and yes, I know I have what it takes to get through anything, I'll be just fine =) Dreams are reality waiting to happen, something I've always believed in, and even more so now!

Really looking forward to more opportunities to act, and learn more! hehe...
Right, shall sign off here for now..remember to stop by my facebook album!


Ps: Click on the photos for a clearer view!

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