Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Another Day..

Thanks for all the concern and wellwishes!! Really appreciate every single one of you! =) My left eye is definitely healing up (including the incision), though at times it feels like someone punched me in the eye!! Stings a little at times when I apply eyedrops, but nothing too unbearable! =D [will post up a picture of my eye soon!] In the meantime, I'm still camping indoors cause my eyes are still quite sensitive to light..really wanna resume running and meeting up with friends soon!!

PS: If you're into Thai cuisine, keep a look out for my entry on this great place to makan!

Today was just another day really..except that.....I woke up to find that someone ate all my favourite cookies!!! =(


Oh well, guess I'll go find out where I can get those cookies! [does anyone happen to know??] made me one sad person in the morning..=( Anyway, for those of you who have mentioned I don't really upload photos of myself, here's one.. [this was july?] =)



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