Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Love Affair

Yes, I have to admit, I think i'm having a secret love affair..


but..don't worry, it's not with someone, it's with a place I have a little connection with.. =)

So it's..3 days to Merdeka..and it's a long weekend for all in M'sia! First things first, Selamat Hari Merdeka to all, [especially to my readers from M'sia!] I hope it'll be a long great weekend for you guys!

I guess many of you must be wondering why I'm typing this entry [since I don't celebrate Merdeka]. Surprise surprise, what many of you might not know, is that, my dad was born malaysian! Pontian, Johor..I believe. =) and my grandma is from Batu Pahat! So yes, I do have some ties with Malaysia.

But strangely enough, I never really have explored M'sia much, save for a couple of visits to JB to visit relative, Genting, once to KL, and the most recent visit to Melaka. To be honest, I was too young to remember my visits to Genting, (perhaps only the last visit made in...2004?) for that one & only trip to KL [think it was 2005], I remember it quite well, but it was mostly filled with shopping, eating..and more shopping! Oh yes, I love the pet stores!!!! Definitely the first time I was seeing hedgehogs and sugar gliders being sold as pets!

I suppose the most recent visit to Melaka is the one that I remember best. I absolutely loved and love the place and amount of heritage there is! [Plus, it definitely helped that the place I stayed at faced the sea!] Pity I didn't have much time to really take a closer look around Melaka. =( But I'm still thankful to have seen parts of Melaka, both the city and suburbs =). I would definitely love to head back there some time soon, and explore Melaka a little more!


Hopefully visit to more parts of M'sia as well, I was told Pulau Redang is gorgeous too! It, being a conservation site for sea turtles and containing two historic shipwrecks! (Things I absolutely love!) Plus, I love the sun, sand and beach! [Roadtrip in Oct, anyone?]


Well, I suppose you can say this is the start of my love affair with Malaysia, and perhaps my journey in knowing myself a little more =)

Selamat Hari Merdeka!


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tommy said...

hohoho...selamat hari merdeka...:)


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