Saturday, August 22, 2009


Right..first things first, thanks to all of you who sent me smses and left me messages on my facebook to shower me with concern and encouragement! ( I really needed it!!!) You guys are the sweetest! =)

I'm supposed to be resting my eyes now, so I'll keep this entry short for the time being, i'll get back to edit it again when my eyes are better..Many of you asked what surgery I was going for, and it's actually Lasik! For many of you who don't know, yes I'm actually shortsighted! (Did i mention with relatively high astigmatism as well?)

My brother, who has been through lasik, told me it was going to be quite alrite. But I think he left out the fact that he didn't have any existing eye complications..-_- In any case, during my surgery, my surgeon made the decision of making an incision along the edge of my left eye (after administering anaesthetic, of course) to better facilitate the surgery.

And yes, once the anaesthetic wore off, all hell broke loose, trust me. I felt like someone punched me in the left eye. To top it off, my eyes were really dry, hence they were tearing throughout the whole surgery and hours after that. I think I definitely scored a new trend in Orchard Road after my surgery..I was in eye shields, taped right to my face, tearing non-stop from Paragon all the way to the bus-stop along the Thai Embassy.

Anw, I have to end my entry right now, (really sorry, I'll go into more details n put up more pictures soon k? Only one picture for today! erm, it might be disturbing to some readers)



reina said...

rest well! ;)

raXsiel said...

thanks dear!!

nadia said...

yay for lasik! =) recover fast and then you'll be able to see without glasses/contacts once and for ALL!!!

raXsiel said...

Thanks Nadia!

Yea, but I still think the pain wasn't quite worth it really..LOL...



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