Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Heart You Online

I love this song! It's awfully cute!

PS: Dedicated to you

A song about feeling amorous towards someone on a social networking site.


Anonymous said...

i have been telling my friends abt this song too, hope you are on this special person's profile picture

raXsiel said...

Hey there! ( i really hope you read this reply..) Thanks for your comment =)

I think it's such a sweet song.. =)
Well, unfortunately..i'm not on this special person's profile picture =(
(but i hope soon!)
I hope you're on your special person's profile picture too!


PS: i'm really curious to know who you are! Email me!

Anonymous said...

hi i'm charlotte,
of course i am!!!! even before this isnt it only natural in my highschool it always works that way hah my boyfriend put this on my wall first actually - and i tried to find the link on google and chanced upon it (my utube was being weird i couldnt search directly)

well good luck with it


raXsiel said...

Hey there Charlotte!
that sounds awfully sweet of your boyfriend!

I hope you managed to get the link off my blog!



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