Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 1 after Surgery

So off I go to my first review with my doctor..Well, nothing but good news (thankfully). I still have some residual power in both my eyes, (25 degrees & 50 degrees) which is actually quite normal, since it's only the first day after surgery. Doctor says my eyesight will still fluctuate, but it'll stabilise soon enough. Oh yes, and my bloodshot eyes will subside over a month or so. It's worse in my left eye due to the difficulty of fitting the suction over my eye, resulting in several blood vessels bursting =( [that's why they had to make the incision] but I really appreciate all the concern and wellwishes!!! =) Here are some pictures taken at my clinic!

Reception area
Refreshments @ the clinic!

Door to Surgery!!

Waiting/recovery area

But of course, now I have a perfect excuse to wear my sunglasses even


Was in town for a while (since my clinic's located in town), and embarrassingly enough, made my very first visit to Ion Orchard. LOL. (Yes, I hardly head to town cause I don't really fancy crowds) Okay, call me a geek, but Ion Orchard's directory is touchscreen based! lol...


Alritey, I'll keep this entry eyes are feeling the strain already.. but I wanna write a little shoutout to a dear friend of mine overseas..

Don't worry too much, and please get lots of rest. I know sometimes things seem a little impossible, but just keep believing in your dreams! Look how far you've come, and you're just half a step away to your dream. Don't give up. Sometimes, it's harder to put it into practice, but I know you're definitely capable of it. I've seen the way you've made it through the difficult times of having gone overseas to study alone, going through your exams, writing all those long essays, applying for jobs, wondering if you'll make it through the licensing exam. But you know what? You've made it through all that! And I'm so happy and proud of what you've achieved. =) Perhaps right now, things seem to be so stagnant, and you might feel like you're not accomplishing anything, but hey, take this time to relax a little (since you just finished your exams not too long ago too) I know sometimes administrative things can get a little annoying (I haven't got my results back either!) but don't lose faith in yourself and your dreams. There's nothing you can't achieve so long as you believe. =) I'm always here for you (though we're 16,205 km apart), be it an email or an offline message away. Don't ever give up! *hugzZ*

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.



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